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    About us
    Corporate culture
    Enterprise honor
    Organization structure
    Corporate culture

    Corporate culture

    Vision of the company PROSEPECTION

    To become a well-known global auto parts manufacturing enterprise;

    Mission of the company MISSION

    To provide customers with value-added products and quality services;
    Achievement of employees, social responsibility, safety and environmental protection, win-win development;

    Core values CORE VALUE

    Innovation, focus, responsibility and win-win;

    Dedication, equality, justice and harmony;

    Positive, progressive, honest and friendly;

    Guidelines GUIDELINE

    Thinking innovation, quality excellence, cost control defects, strength improvement

    quality policy

    Market oriented and technology-based;

    Take the customer as the center, take the quality as the core;

    Prevention first, continuous improvement;

    Meet and exceed customer needs.

    Quality objectives

    After sales product defect rate ?? 600ppm;

    The first pass rate is 99%;

    The timely delivery rate is 100%;

    Customer satisfaction ?? 88 points;

    Iatf16949:2016 remains effective.

    Taizhou WONDERFUL Machinery Co.,Ltd Tel:+86-576-87281769 Fax:+86-576-87281767 E-mail:sales@wdlcn.com
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